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IT Specialist & Warehouse Relocation

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Success is built on Planning.

Your IT infrastructure, servers and PCs are critical to the smooth running of your business and their integrity will be protected as part of our specialist service. Special IT crates and server cages are part of the package, and our skilled in-house team manage the disconnection, packing, installation re-connection, cable management and testing of servers and desktop computers so that they are all ready for business as usual on the Monday morning.

We also have expertise in providing professional, hassle-free relocation for a wide range of technical environments including laboratories, hazardous chemicals, warehouses, stores, hospitals, universities and the public sector. Our experience also includes the sequential packing and unpacking of books for libraries and the relocation of fragile art and museum collections. Our trained staff are given detailed briefs on site-specific health, safety and emergency procedures in consultation with yourself.

Each specialist situation demands a bespoke solution, and we will listen to your individual requirements before creating your tailor-made plan, documentation and toolkit. The security and protection of your assets is our main concern and our trained staff work under rigorous quality control to make sure your most confidential and valuable equipment is treated with the utmost respect.

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2,500+ Workstation Moves
In 2019, Commercial Moves Group moved over 2,500 workstations and relocated 11 hospital wards.

Case study

Commercial Moves Group provided the relevant Engineering, Relocation Services and various materials associated with KCA Deutag’s Server move from Edinburgh to Aberdeen on behalf of our client, Brightsolid.

Engineering & Relocation Services

In advance of the physical migration a cable audit of the existing hardware equipment was carried out to ascertain engineering requirements in both Edinburgh and Aberdeen. With this in place we then carried out a full decommissioning of the hardware to be relocated, de-racked and packed into flight cases for the transport to Aberdeen. We had two vehicles operating and the transport was staggered to suit the project specification. On arrival in Aberdeen all the equipment was duly offloaded, re-racked and fully recommissioned to ensure all IT services for the business were functioning. 

Services Included

Project Planning assistance and management
Cable Audit of equipment
Decommissioning and De-racking of server slabs
Provision of Flight cases, Roll cages and materials for safe transport
New UTP and Fibre cables supplied
Re-racking, recommissioning and patching
Post Move support

The details

Client: Brightsolid. 

Specialist IT and engineering for relocation from Pulsant, Edinburgh to Aberdeen Data Centre. 

66u of servers, patch panels, routers, switches 

£1m worth of equipment safely transported and recommissioned. 

Total Time 22hrs

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