Crate and Storage Management

Tailored to suit each individual project.

Crates are integral to our Commercial Moves Group service and tailored to suit each individual project whether for specialist relocations, office relocations or simply for storage options.

As part of our detailed planning process we establish how many crates are required for each department and the sizes that will be needed in order to keep the contents in their original condition. Secure crates for confidential items can also be provided. We will agree where they are to be stored, how far in advance of the move you want them to be delivered and when to collect them at the end. Offsite storage is available if there are items which need to be delivered at a later date or for longer term requirements.

Through our move consultant and your in house move champions, we make sure that everyone in your team has been trained on the best and safest way to pack their equipment, and how to label and secure it so that their belongings arrive undamaged at their new desk.

Do you need to create some space in your office, do you have furniture or equipment that you want to keep but have no space to for it? Our secure storage service allows you short or long term offsite facilities.

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