Commercial Relocation

Communication is vital.

Focusing solely on commercial relocations means we provide highly trained, skilled, experienced staff to oversee all elements of your office move. A Move Manager will be your first point of call for any questions or advice and a dedicated move management team will take care of the details.

Communication is vital throughout the process, starting with detailed discussions with the key members of your team several months before the move. Their ideas and input are valuable to creating a smooth transition, and the earlier we have their commitment, the more efficient the process. We offer advice on packing and labelling, a full packing and unpacking service, as well as the movement of archived material and confidential files, leaving nothing to chance.

Our tried and tested colour coded labelling, and our expert planning system provides reassurance that all precious items will be delivered safe and sound to the right place.

Through clear briefings and the appointment of move champions, all uncertainty is eliminated from the move. Everyone knows what they have to do when, where they have to go, and how to get there. We like to take care of every little detail, so that your team can finish work on Friday night with the reassurance that on Monday morning they can pick up where they left off – at their new desk, in their new office.

crate & Storage management

No matter what storage issue you have, we have the right solution. Crate hire and storage facilities are available on request.

recycling service

Commercial Moves has a network of resources to ensure that nothing goes to waste. Please enquire to find out more.